Hi <insert contact’s name here>,

Thank you for running this <insert program name here> module and giving me the opportunity to train at your facility. 
I would like to just confirm a few details with you to make sure that the module runs as smoothly as possible:
- We are scheduled to run approximately <insert start and end times for module here> on both days. I will need a bit of time before we start to get set up and after we end to put everything away. Would it be possible for me to have access to the facility from <insert start time> to <insert end time>? Are there any concerns that I need to know about?
- The training will start with me teaching a <insert program name here> master class on Saturday morning so the new instructors get to see the program as it was intended. The facility can open this class up to members or invite specific people to attend. It is usually a great marketing tool for the facility! I am scheduled to start the class at <insert time here> on Saturday. Please let me know if that works for you. 
- The training material incorporates a PowerPoint presentation. If your facility has a projection system in the room or a big television, it would be great to have access to it. If not, I'll be bringing a portable projector with me, so I'll need an unobstructed wall on which to project or a projection screen. [If you only have certain connections available from your computer/device, make sure you explain that to the contact here.]

- In order to teach and present, we will need access to the sound system in the fitness room and a wireless mic for the duration of the weekend.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by <insert preferred contact method here>

Les Mills has arranged for me to fly to the location on Friday night and I will be staying at the hotel nearby. I have a rental car and will be driving in on Saturday morning. [Add you specific travel info so the contact knows whether they need to arrange any rides for you.]
Thanks again for your business. I look forward to visiting your facility and working with you. 
Best regards. 
<sign here>